Extra 300S N80LA at LPSR - Santarém

N80LA at LPSR. Year 2008

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EC-LEI - Hoy,Llevamos a Nuestros Campeones - Iberia

LPPT 2013/09/07

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UR-CGX - Shovkoviy Shlyah Airlines

Taking off from LPPT on 08/09/2013


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LPMA end of July 2013


Condor retro livery

d-aica-cfg-2013-07-25lpma 20130802 1035170448


Tuifly Haribo Goldbaren

d-atud-tui-2013-07-25lpma 20130804 1223999314

Unusual visit of a 767 to LPMA


d-abua-cfg-2013-07-25lpma 20130805 1512052184

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CS-TQY New Hi Fly A340

Arriving a the end of the day. The new Hi Fly A340: CS-TQY

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