Airplane Spotting Associations




FAP - Finnish Aviation Photography

FAP - Finnish Aviation Photography is an associaton founded in Finland in 2004 by a group of aviation enthusiasts.

Kerozen Association

Created in 1998 by 3 aviation enthousiasts, the Kerozen association (non commercial organisation based upon 1901 french law) brings together aviation fans. Acknowledge by spotters, press supports and airport official authorities, Kerozen aims to develop and make spotting easy.


Aviation Friends Munich e.V.

Im Gründungsjahr 1991 wies der Verein 65 Mitglieder auf. Bis in das Jahr 2002 ist die Anzahl bereits auf 130 angestiegen.

RMAS: Rhein-Main Aviation Society

Since 1989 the Spotter club from Frankfurt.


Air-Born-Hellenic Aviation Enthusiasts Society

The Hellenic Aviation Enthusiasts Society "Air-born". The first Hellenic, organized and officially approved community of people who love to watch planes fly, people who record them with their cameras and in their minds in every corner of the world, people who usually fly in window seats watching the wings flexing, people who like to share their aviation related experiences through exhibitions and meetings, people who collect al things aviation, people who upon runway line-up would love to bring the throttle forward! - BUD / LHBP spotter portal - Budapest, Hungary



In 1995 a group of enthusiasts, driven by the growing interest aroused by the development of Malpensa airport, began moving to a cultural aeronautic through a series of activities focused on routine movements of the airport and founded in Legnano "Clipper", Italian Association of Friends of Aviation.

Roma Spotters Club

Roma Spotters Club was created, in October 2009, by some spotters living in Rome and in the surrounding of the city. The main goal of the association is to share, promote and spread the exciting and unusual hobby of plane spotting.



The portuguese spotters association. The best in Portugal, with lots of photos and a great forum that keep you update about airplane spotting in Portugal.

Russia - Aviation photosite from Russia



Airplane Spotting



This site contains essential information for the aviation enthusiast in general and the plane spotter in particular, including airport info with tips and directions to get to the best airport spotting locations. You will also find an overview of my personal collection of aviation photography.

H&S Planespotting


Classic Aviation perdures in Bolivia. Aviació en su segundo año bajo dominio propio y séptimo año de existencia, se consolida como el sitio Web de referencia en materia aeronáutica boliviana. Así como una importante fuente de información sobre uno de los grandes temas nacionales: la cuestión de la defensa nacional.

Unique site about flying and airplanes. We bring fresh information from the world of aviation and everything that has something to do with flying.



I created this web site to share my passion for commercial aviation with folks who appreciate the beauty of airliners in addition to the aviation industry as a whole.


The webiste of Dutch based aviation photographer Dennis Müller

 "Providing everyone with a (professional) interest in aviation with up-to-date, complete and reliable authoritative information on airliner production and owner histories".


EPBY Spotting Team

We're a group from Bydgoszcz region and our passion is aviation (civil and military). Some of us take pictures of airplanes and the others just watch them. Some of us are virtual pilots as well and fly in international network, which is called VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation). We're the group of various age - some of us work,some study, but the most important is our passion and hobby - aviation.


This website contains a selection of my aviation pictures from around the world.



LSZH blog

United Kingdom

Heathrow & Gatwick Airport Movements

Aircraft Photographs and Air Displays by Roger Whitcomb

Air Aware

United States

Lockon Aviation

The photos on this site were taken over a period from about 1988 to present. My interests originally included mostly military subjects, however with the lack of color on military aircraft these days I find airliners to be a more interesting subject.



The website for aviation enthousiasts in Luxembourg.



Airplane News



Aviation News from Canada. Air Canada and WestJet fleet numbers.


Pilots Websites


Polar Pilots

Over the last few years, our little group of private pilots has received many emails asking about flying in our unique and challenging region. This site tries to bring together some of the basics for those thinking about flying to Baffin Island.



Aviation Database


Freebird Aviation Database

FreeBird began as a biz jet and airliner only database. As time has worn on, and more helping hands have come on board, it has grown to include the many different genres of aircraft listed. More type data is being added to FreeBird on a weekly basis, to the extent that no estimate can be made as to where the total number of records will end.

FreeBird is designed by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. To this end we include as much information as we think will be relevant to spotters or photographers. It is not a database that is aimed at, nor intended for, use within the aviation industry.

FreeBird is intended to be useful for enthusiasts on the move. Base information for business jets and turboprops is included, where known, to enable enthusiasts to make informed deductions while on spotting trips, particularly in the United States. Long lists of mispoles upon your return could be a thing of the past!

In a similar vein known fixed call signs, SELCALS and HEX codes are also included and searchable within the database.


Aviation Software

Aircraft and Airport Information


Description: Fast Aviation Data is an aviation research company that provides Aircraft and Airport Software with 3,500 Aircraft photos and specification 8,148 airports to help you calculate the distance and time between airports.